K9 Sniff Club Nose Work Class

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Session-Beginning Nose Work

$18.00 per session. ONLY held on Wednesdays and the first session on Sundays. These are introductory lessons for any dog working on primary reward (food, toy, etc.) to build hunt drive and independent searching. Space is limited to 6 dogs.

Duration: 1 hour


$20.00 per session. This session is for anyone whose dog has already been searching for odor (birch, anise, clove or cypress). Sessions are limited to 6 dogs. NOTE: No ODOR sessions are taught on Wednesdays or the first appointment on Sundays. The early TUESDAY afternoon session is in Illinois (Granite City area, usually). All other sessions are either in St. Charles or St. Louis Counties.

Duration: 1 hour


CONTACT ME TO SCHEDULE THESE! Do not book using the schedule. Cost is $30.00 for one hour. NOTE: This type of session is not available on Wednesdays or the first session on Sundays. The focus is on you and your dog to work on whatever skill-building your team needs. If you are booking the same time as other handlers, book it as a regular beginning or odor session if there is going to be more than one dog being trained.

Duration: 1 hour

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